Videos Longest Road Trip Ever

Longest Road Trip Ever

You decide: The most annoying roadtrip ever or a fun way to pass 7 hours in the car with your sister?? She DOES NOT seem very amused, but we sure are!!

Videos Man Trains Pet Cat to Hunt

Man Trains Pet Cat to Hunt

Cats are natural predators so this guy decided to train his cat to "hunt" for it's food. Here's his video!

Videos Eagle Takes Down Drone

Eagle Takes Down Drone

This research team was testing a drone but an eagle came along and had another idea! Watch as the 'King of the Skies' attacks the soaring object and takes it as prey! INCREDIBLE!

Videos Father and Son Go Drifting

Father and Son Go Drifting

Father and son duo go drifting. At 4 years old this kid gets to experience something most adults never have! His excitement is incredible! Lucky kid!

Videos Dog Drinks from Fridge

Dog Drinks from Fridge

Who needs a water bowl when you could do this?! This German Shepard taught himself a nice little trick. Now his owners don't have to keep his water bowl full and he has ice cold water everytime! Ha...

Videos Morning Routine with a Twist

Morning Routine with a Twist

This is basically an ad for Sony... but we still thought it was cool enough to share! Andrew Huang made this cool remix of his morning routine. Very catchy and fun! Enjoy!

Videos Humans Saving Newborn Elephant

Humans Saving Newborn Elephant

We should hear more stories like THIS!! Not of humans killing wild animals as a sport! A 5 day old elephant calf got stuck in a mud pond, and these Kenyans saved and reunited him with his mother! B...

Videos Fisherman Catches Drone

Fisherman Catches Drone

This fisherman had enough of a drone flying overhead and so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He caught the drone with a perfect cast, and it was all caught on video! Who is the jerk i...

Videos Dogs Shaking in Slow Mo

Dogs Shaking in Slow Mo

Is this Cute, Gross, or kinda Scary? Dogs shaking in slow motion, drool flying everywhere! Watch and decide.

Videos WAKE UP Ejector Bed

WAKE UP Ejector Bed

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Do you have a teenager at home who you have to drag out of bed each morning? Well, this guy made the coolest invention for you! I wonder when ...

Videos Cutest Baby Hippo is Born

Cutest Baby Hippo is Born

An adorable male pygmy hippo calf was born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. It is impossible not to immediately fall in love with him! Who else wants him as a pet??

Videos Break Dancers Do Ballet

Break Dancers Do Ballet

NYC is known for its street performers. This group decided to prank their audience. In the blink of an eye they turned from tough break dancers to gentle ballet dancers!

Videos Husband Shocks Wife With Pregnancy News

Husband Shocks Wife With Pregnancy News

You may not have thought this is possible, but probably for the first time EVER, a man reveals to his wife that she is pregnant! Her reaction is great and their kids seem pretty excited too!!

Videos Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby

Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby

Kids and their pets share such precious moments and form lifelong friendships! These two are both 3 months old. The little pup is so tired, especially with the baby sleeping beside him. Check out w...

Videos Police Officer Saves Man From Train Crash

Police Officer Saves Man From Train Crash

Quick action by a local police officer saved the life of this California man. The man crashed his car onto the train tracks. The brave police officer rushes to pull the guy out of the car moments b...